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Insta Talks

When you think of talking to someone but tough to decide who the someone is? coz everyone is busy around you except you because you want free time from this Instagram world of yours or should say virtual friends of yours!

WhatsApp groups are busy quarrelling national economies, school groups are busy talking state politics! The economist political strategies are vigorous in these groups that one forgets who we are talking into!

Then if at all we decide to call out to our friends we hesitate coz of our egos! If at all we kill the ego and call our friends, our friends would show the best ego of which you would have thought, why the hell did I need to call?

So, who should I call? Well, there is always the X’s of our life but those X’s would laugh at your incapability to cope with your life and would feel dominative thinking that you are clinging to your old love life, crush live, one night stands, day stands whatever… etc.

Well to be honest aren’t we clingy?? Yes, we are aren’t we? (Laughing) But those X’s would feel pathetic even you if don’t reach them as well. If you decide quitting upon them, they will come running behind you just for the moment! Then the routine continues!

So, don’t call anyone! Be depressed, be lonely at the most be suicidal coz none is going to care about your pathetic talks or what state are you in, there is a fixated cure for these!!

Cure 1: Make yourself busy! (Which apparently most of us are some job or the other)

Cure 2: Learn meditation, do yoga, or go to gym become a health freak (Why would anyone need to meditate? To bring peace to yourself)

Cure 3: Become rich! So that you can spend it on the shrink at the least there would be someone to hear you out for the money you pay!

Cure 4: Comparison of the sufferings which always helps the listener to feel less obliged that he suffers less so make sure to listen to most suffering from the suffered person.

To come to the best of the last, Why don’t you talk to your partner for life! Or parents? Or Family? Well, the feelings you will feel are optioned into types a) Sympathy b) Shame c) Pathetic d) Disgust e) Trust issues but the result feeling should be f) Relieved but mostly those feeling would never come into light!!

So, don’t talk to anyone unless you feel safe else, they are the ones who are making your life miserable. Talk to the ones who makes your life less miserable. Share your time with your Kids! Parents! Family! Friends! Partner! Make sure you’re sharing your time with them not making reels with them!

Don’t beg for mercy talking which most of us are doing! It’s hard decision to make, its easy to be said than doing. Just go back to your old self where you were and what you were it’s easy to be done. Become unjudgmental which you were. Be naïve become innocent enjoy the open air eat freely without the camera being clicked at your food. Make friends who are busy but still have time to meet you up! Make a good healthy routine of laughing and talking to someone personally. Make sure that those talks are healthy laughable not about the public not about the crime happening in the country not about religious not about family gossiping not about which actor slept with who? Just talk about your past present and future and laugh about it, feel about it! You will understand the magic of life. You will understand that you are commanding over your life not just some coded app!

Don’t be at the mercy of anyone who feels you are lonely, depressed, clingy. You may be weak now but remember you are strong as well!

Without Mercy,

The Writer

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